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المحرر موضوع: please help me with my project  (زيارة 983 مرات)

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أبريل 10, 2006, 05:22:59 مساءاً
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please help me with my project
« في: أبريل 10, 2006, 05:22:59 مساءاً »
I have some questions, in public finance..may you please help me with these question

thanks and regards

1- Compare between the convevtional (classical) form of public budget and the programes and performance form focusing on the positive and negative points of each one?

2- in the UAE we really have a shortage of drinking water, and at the same time we have factories for mineral water and some industries that consume big quantity of water. explain how can the fiscal policy help in solving such a problem and make reallocation of water resources, and hence protect water resources.

3-In the UAE some small industries can really be successful if the government  interfere to protect them.Explain how can the fiscal polices protect the local production from foriegn products, first, in the normal way, and second, without violating the principles of the world Trade Organization(WTO)?

4- Do you think that we can protect the balance of payments from severe deficit  by using fiscal policies? explain how? how can we solve the problems that might be occur with the(WTO) who encourage and support free trade>

please try to is very important